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Now you can safely make payments your way—anytime, anywhere—from your desktop or mobile device.

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PaperTrl’s Payments Automation puts you in control and makes bill pay fast and easy

We offer the fastest payments in the business. That’s because we don’t hold your money. Why would we? We’re a software company, not a bank. Payments (check, ACH or virtual card) are initiated the day you approve them and are paid directly from your bank. Meanwhile, reconciliation data is synced back to your ERP system.

PaperTrl improves the efficiency of your AP operations

In addition to payments, PaperTrl automates AP operations—including vendor management, purchasing, receiving, invoice processing, approval workflows, and digital payments—meaning you can reduce fraud, eliminate manual processing, improve invoice accuracy, and manage payments from a single platform.

Our integrations include:


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PaperTrl provides control and visibility with every essential AP function at your fingertips. Streamline PO’s, receipts, bills and payments.