Accounts Payable Automation

Achieve paperless invoice processing with PaperTrl

Simplify receiving bills and approving them with electronic invoice processing

PaperTrl provides the tools to enable an end-to-end automated invoice processing flow.

  • Bills can be sent to PaperTrl through a vendor portal, email, or through a quick upload.
  • Advanced OCR technology reads in the details of the bill, including line items.
  • Custom workflows determine the approval chain based on your business rules.
  • See a side-by-side comparison of bills, purchase orders, and receipts to complete a 3-way match.
  • PaperTrl flags duplicate bills and ensures invoices don’t exceed purchase order limits.
  • Create detailed bill reports for audits or offsite document storage.

PaperTrl puts you in control of your AP

“I really like the simplicity of PaperTrl and the fact that it’s so intuitive. When I upload an invoice, PaperTrl reads all the fields and populates them based on my templates. Each department head can monitor their invoices on-demand, and I can ensure that all invoices received by AP remain organized in-house and vendors receive payment on time. As long as our invoices are in PaperTrl, nothing gets missed.” 

Accounting Clerk, Town of Springdale, Utah