Elevate your AP & spend management practice with

PaperTrl for finance & accounting professionals

  • Build Client Confidence  exceed client expectations with automations that provide the foundation for repeatable & dependable processes
  • Promote best practices flexible user roles and custom workflows simplify segregation of duties with unprecedented oversight
  • More clients, fewer resources PaperTrl eliminates much of the recurring work as it learns frequently used vendors and purchases

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Build a client-integrated AP and spend management practice

Accelerate with AI

From our 99% accurate AI enabled OCR to our transaction and our “Code Once”  memorization skills PaperTrl gets smarter and faster the more work you throw at it.

  • Eliminate Data Entry – AI Powered OCR accurately rips through even the most complex multi-page vendor bills
  • Quickly code transactions – Transaction memorization means only having to code recurring
AP Automation Client portal

Manage all of your clients in one place

With the PaperTrl portal you can

  • Create & manage new client accounts
  • See all client work pending in a single dashboard
  • Navigate easily from client to client
  • Define reusable roles and privileges

Keep clients in the loop

PaperTrl’s configurable user roles and custom automations allow documents and approvals to flow seamlessly between your team and theirs.

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Stay informed with real-time reporting

Dozens of canned and configurable reports

  • Open purchase orders and commitments
  • AP Aging
  • Cash requirements
  • Expenses by account, project and more

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Partner to grow your AP practice

Partner with PaperTrl and enjoy benefits of affiliate pricing, allowing you to aggregate volume across all of your clients. With free accountant portal access and no  per-user charges, everyone can stay connected.

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Grow your AP management practice with PaperTrl

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What our customers are saying

“The value add for the (Exus) client is extraordinary. They want to see how their invoices are coming in, how quickly they’re being processed and then how quickly they’re sent off for payment. That allows us to provide data and integration to their ERP…and it provides them peace of mind.”

Michael Bizub, Accounts Payable Manager, Exus Management Partners

“Throughout a period of substantial expansion, PaperTrl automated our entire AP process, from invoice submission to approvals to payment, for about 1,200 invoices per month from 650 vendors. PaperTrl saved us the equivalent of one FTE across various levels of staff.”

Jim Abbott, Vice President of Operations, Tidewater, Inc.

“I love that all departments can share the responsibility of ensuring invoices get processed in a timely fashion. Everything is just more streamlined and efficient with PaperTrl and Accounts Payable can focus on what we do best—maintaining accurate books and paying bills on time.”

Mary Young, Senior Bookkeeper, Borough of Lansdowne, PA

PaperTrl integrates with your existing accounting software