PaperTrl is a fully integrated, cloud-based accounts payable (AP) automation software solution.


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Automate the exchange of purchase orders, bills, and payments with vendors, saving time and resources, plus eliminate the need for mail and email

PaperTrl makes it easy for vendors to:

  • Receive purchase orders directly
  • Create, upload, or pull invoices from their accounting system
  • Check invoice/payment status instantly without contacting your AP staff
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PaperTrl makes your purchase order management smarter with simple tools that automate key tasks while keeping you in control

  • Create and approve purchase requisitions
  • Send purchase orders directly to vendors
  • View PO status for a more complete picture of cash obligations
  • Perform 3-way match of PO, receipts, and invoices


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PaperTrl gives you immediate access from the job site, the warehouse, or the office

  • Submit material receipts electronically to the AP department
  • Add images or other documents to any receipt
  • Post receipts automatically and provide inventory adjustments
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PaperTrl helps you assess incoming shipments and avoid paying for damaged or missing goods

  • Easily monitor invoices on demand
  • Receive goods and services through PaperTrl and match receipts to your POs (including any attachments: project specs, drawings, etc.)
  • Post receipts automatically and provide inventory adjustments


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PaperTrl offers true paperless invoice processing

  • Receive bills through a vendor portal or email
  • Set business rules to determine approval chain
  • Compare bills, POs, and receipts on a single screen to complete a 3-way match
  • Get proactive notifications for bills that exceed POs and duplicate vendor invoices
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PaperTrl payments help you control your cash flow, reduce processing time, and reduce risk, leading to more efficient processes and improved vendor relationships

  • Gain full visibility into available discounts and due dates
  • Safely and securely pay vendors with credit card or ACH
  • Route and approve payments based on internal controls and business rules
  • Get rebates for bill payments made via credit card
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PaperTrl manages both direct and indirect expenses

  • Receive, approve, and process vendor bills
  • Manage employee expense reports without spreadsheets
  • Streamline the reconciliation of credit card statements


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PaperTrl makes integration and reconciliation simple and safe by using automated virtual credit card and ACH payments to increase security and avoid fraud

  • Quickly access a full audit trail of approvals
  • Automatically sync all payments to your accounting or ERP software
  • PaperTrl does not process, store, or transmit cardholder, banking, or ACH data
  • PaperTrl easily integrates with most accounting systems
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PaperTrl automates the entire bill pay process, removing stress and manual tasks from the payment process

  • Set vendor information and payment types
  • Use business rules and workflows to ensure proper approvals
  • Direct reconciliation information back to your accounting or ERP system
  • Leave all vendor outreach and program enrollment to us