Vendor portal

Streamline communications with your vendors with PaperTrl

Forget mail and email, conduct business electronically through PaperTrl’s vendor portal

Automate the exchange of purchase orders, bills, and payments with your vendors

  • Send purchase orders directly to your vendor’s PaperTrl portal account
  • Vendors can create, upload, or pull invoices from their accounting systems for submission through the portal
  • Provide invoice/payment status visibility to vendors
  • Capture vendor information and upload W9’s during the registration process
  • Self-registration allows vendors to sign up to the portal in minutes
  • Onboarding assistance and tools are available

Give your AP staff a break by simplifying vendor management

“I really like the simplicity of PaperTrl and the fact that it’s so intuitive. When I upload an invoice, PaperTrl reads all the fields and populates them based on my templates. Each department head can monitor their invoices on-demand, and I can ensure that all invoices received by AP remain organized in-house and vendors receive payment on time. As long as our invoices are in PaperTrl, nothing gets missed.” 

Accounting Clerk, Town of Springdale, Utah