Automations allow you to customize PaperTrl to fit your business

PaperTrl adapts to match your business processes

Capture the right data and automate your business processes in just a few clicks

  • Add a new field to any transaction (PO, bill, expense report) to capture whatever data you need in any format
  • Create rules to automate the G/L coding of your bills
  • Automate approval workflows based on whatever criteria you choose (department, amount, vendor, etc.)
  • Monitor exceptions by subscribing to notifications for defined events
  • Limit who can see confidential data

Manage the accounts payable process YOUR way

“I really like the simplicity of PaperTrl and the fact that it’s so intuitive. When I upload an invoice, PaperTrl reads all the fields and populates them based on my templates. Each department head can monitor their invoices on-demand, and I can ensure that all invoices received by AP remain organized in-house and vendors receive payment on time. As long as our invoices are in PaperTrl, nothing gets missed.” 

Accounting Clerk, Town of Springdale, Utah