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PaperTrl Payments
Easy Implementation and Discounted Pricing

As an Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP), PaperTrl offers a bundled QuickBooks Online solution that gives you even more control over your financial health—specifically in accounts payable and cash flow.

PaperTrl and QuickBooks are better together

As a cloud-based AP Management Solution, PaperTrl provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you efficiently process and manage procurement, receiving, vendor invoices, and payments in the cloud.

Once PaperTrl seamlessly and automatically captures and categorizes invoices, receipts, and payments, it automatically updates QuickBooks Online—saving you the time and effort of manual data handling.

Are you a QuickBooks Desktop user?
As QuickBooks Desktop sunsets, transitioning to QuickBooks Online can feel daunting. One of your greatest challenges could be migrating vast amounts of financial data to the new platform. PaperTrl is here to speed and simplify the process.

Already a QuickBooks Online user? Now is your chance to see how smooth your AP process can run when bundled with PaperTrl.

If you’re a dedicated QuickBooks Desktop user, you’re probably already planning your move to QuickBooks Online. And we’re eager to show you how easy that transition can be.

It’s the easiest way to do the job

PaperTrl uncomplicates approvals, giving you the ability to set up business rules, route invoices, perform account reconciliation, and streamline reporting—automatically integrating directly into the QuickBooks Online system.

And we provide the add-ons you need to receive and make payments, pay employee expenses, and recognize corporate credit card receipts all from a single screen.

Did we mention it’s also cheaper and safer?

By bundling PaperTrl and QuickBooks Online you’ll pay no fees to extend accounting functions to your people who need access—because we eliminate per-user pricing.

Our secure, “un-phishable” vendor portal virtually eliminates the risk of cyberattacks that have become so prevalent in email-based systems.

And our AI technology eliminates the need to re-key data into your accounting system. PaperTrl reads vendor invoices, automatically codes line items, and syncs that data with QuickBooks Online—while establishing a full audit trail for better financial reporting.

Six simple steps to a smooth transition

Here’s how it works, once you’ve connected with PaperTrl, we will:


Work together to define your
ideal AP process flow


License QuickBooks Online
(if you’re not already a user)


Migrate your accounting
data to QuickBooks Online


Guide you through your
PaperTrl setup


Invite your vendors
to join our portal


Enjoy a better way
to manage AP

Not on QuickBooks Online yet?

We can help you migrate now.

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