PaperTrl for Construction

Construction companies face unique accounting challenges not commonly found in other industries – from job costing to subcontractor management to contract retainage, and many others. PaperTrl provides the AP tools to help you take on many of those tasks and more with automated processes and supporting data that feeds directly into your accounting system.

Project-Based Accounting

Process vendor bills quickly and accurately while ensuring you have captured the necessary data to manage project profitability.

  • Code material and labor costs once to update your chart of accounts and track project/job costs
  • Track costs at a project, task and subtask level
  • Issue purchase orders and ensure bills do not exceed agreed contract ceilings
  • Consolidate bills into a single system so you can improve visibility into project costs and bid future projects more intelligently
  • Create reports to compare estimated vs actual cost and calculate project profitability

Subcontractor/Vendor Management

Improve vendor relationships in two ways:

  1. PaperTrl’s (optional) vendor portal allows vendors to receive and acknowledge purchase orders, submit bills and view the status of payments in real time without contacting your AP team.
  2. PaperTrl makes it easier to identify potentially overdue invoices, allowing contractors to pay vendors sooner with automated bill processing. On-time payments encourage higher quality service from vendors and drive stronger business relationships.

Purchase Order, Receipt and Bill Matching

Match bills to purchase orders and receipts to ensure accurate pricing and receipt of goods before issuing payment. PaperTrl also provides open purchase order reports to identify late shipments to help prevent project delays.

Cashflow Management

Increase working capital by optimizing payables. PaperTrl gives you visibility to manage discounts and forecast cashflow better. This insight enables you to improve liquidity, overcome low cash balances, gain negotiating power with suppliers, and invest in the business to fuel growth.

Distributed Workforce

Because construction projects are often scattered across multiple work sites, workers and managers need to remotely issue purchase orders and receive goods on location. Our mobile capability PaperTrl allows individuals to manage purchasing and accounts payable from anywhere.

Audit Trail

To maintain compliance, especially on public projects, and provide visibility, PaperTrl provides an electronic audit trail of documents, purchase and bill approvals, and cost distributions. This enables anyone to see detailed project financials at any time.