PaperTrl Integrated Payables

  • Faster payments same-day ACH, virtual card, check, wire payments without any pre-funding requirements
  • Greater security eliminate check fraud by leveraging the security benefits of digital payments
  • Increased control choose your bank, and how and when to pay your vendors
  • 100% automation every vendor, every amount, every payment type
  • Earn rebates earn cash back on all virtual card payments

Take charge of your payments

Faster payments

PaperTrl’s direct funding model enables you to make payments on your schedule. No need to pre-fund payments up to 7-10 days, we make sure each payment is delivered as fast as possible, regardless of payment type.

  • ACH – same day before 2pm or next day
  • Check – printed and mailed same day
  • Virtual card – same day

Greater security

PaperTrl ensures your payments are executed securely.  Pay your vendors directly from your bank, minimizing risks created when third-party providers make payments on your behalf.  And choose from secure payment methods like ACH and virtual card to prevent fraud.

Increased control

PaperTrl is Bring Your Own Bank (BYOB), so you get to choose which bank makes your payments, when those payments are made, and the payment method that best suits your vendors.  You get to decide how your cash is used that’s best for your company, without being constrained by your integrated payables provider over the details.

100% automation

PaperTrl enables you to pay all your vendors, regardless of vendor size, payment amount, or payment type, on the PaperTrl platform.  All your payments can be automated, eliminating the need to manually process payments not accepted by your integrated payables provider.

Payment processing made simple, efficient, and secure

Make all your payments from a single screen

Just two steps, and you’re done!

Upload a single file into your ERP

Drop a file with payment instructions into your existing ERP or accounting system or directly into PaperTrl.

Hit pay and let PaperTrl handle the rest

Pay from your existing ERP or accounting system or directly in PaperTrl.

PaperTrl gets your vendors on board

PaperTrl contacts your vendors on behalf of you to identify each vendor’s accepted payment type(s), preferred payment type, and details necessary for each payment type, regardless of ACH, check, or virtual card.

PaperTrl is your payments messenger

PaperTrl’s direct funding model means your payments are made directly from your bank.  We never touch your cash.  Instead, we deliver payment instructions to your chosen bank, who then executes the payment.  This eliminates the risk and delay introduced by integrated payables providers who debit your account and pay your vendors on your behalf.

How does it work?

We don’t take control of your cash

PaperTrl integrates with your existing accounting software


Absolutely not. PaperTrl is BYOB…that is…Bring Your Own Bank. Any one of our payment partners will facilitate an ACH from your bank to make payments on your behalf.

We currently support virtual credit cards, ACH, and checks. We will be adding the ability to pay via wire, reverse debit, RTP (real-time payments), and Zelle in the coming months.

Yes, during implementation we reach out to your vendors to see what payment methods they accept. Then for each bill, you decide how you want to pay them.

We don’t steal your float! PaperTrl does not hold your money or delay your payments in any way. If paying by virtual card, payments are made immediately. If paying by ACH or check, your bank’s standard processing timelines apply.

Yes! Payments can be made to individuals (1099 employees too) via ACH or check. Additional payment methods like reverse debit and Zelle are coming soon.

Yes, PaperTrl supports check payments. Checks are written on your account but created and mailed by us.

No, you can make payments from your accounting system and still sync them to PaperTrl, which will note it as an offline payment so users have an accurate status of all bills and payments.

You control who in your organization has permission to make payments from PaperTrl. Those users then have full control over when a payment is made and with which payment method.

No, since PaperTrl partners with financial institutions to execute payments, no credit card or other sensitive financial data is stored in our platform or is visible to your users.