Columbus, OH (April 26, 2023) – PaperTrl announced today that it has embedded U.S. Bank virtual card payment capabilities into its innovative AP management and automation platform used by construction companies.

The integration with U.S. Bank will allow PaperTrl customers to automate AP operations from procurement to payment. This includes vendor management, purchasing, receiving, invoice processing, and payments via U.S. Bank virtual commercial cards. Together, PaperTrl and U.S. Bank will help AP departments manage all B2B payments from a single platform, eliminate manual processing and help to reduce fraud.

“By joining forces with U.S. Bank,” says Steve Weber, CEO of PaperTrl, “we can better support our customers in the mid-market by directly embedding a leading virtual card into the AP process to add efficiencies for AP teams and stronger visibility and control over spend for CFOs.”

“Our virtual card solution will allow PaperTrl to deliver its customers a more seamless payment experience while also helping control spend,” said Bradley Matthews, Head of Digital Payments Innovation and Partners at U.S. Bank. “U.S. Bank has deep experience embedding our payment capabilities to help fintechs deliver new capabilities and efficiencies to businesses.”

With enhanced support from U.S. Bank embedded payment solutions, PaperTrl empowers CFOs to easily monitor and manage cash flow, identify and reduce fraud, and earn cash back on bills paid through virtual credit cards. Meanwhile, accounting and AP staff can enjoy simplified, streamlined end-to-end AP processes, with a single workflow destination. Vendors benefit from a centralized platform and intuitive online portal to receive orders, submit invoices, and view payment status.

An easy-to-use AP management and automation tool can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a customer’s operations.

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About PaperTrl

PaperTrl is a fully integrated, cloud-based AP automation software solution that helps organizations simplify and streamline the entire AP process from purchasing to payments. Through a user-friendly, cloud-based application, PaperTrl empowers purchasing and AP professionals to more efficiently and effectively issue purchase orders, track PO receipts, process bills, and make payments from anywhere. PaperTrl automates time consuming tasks like approvals, PO/bill matching, reconciliation, and integration into your accounting system so you have more time to focus on the bigger picture.

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