COLUMBUS, OHIO (June 6, 2023) AP Automation company, PaperTrl, today announced its acceptance into the Visa Fintech Fast Track Program. The collaboration enables PaperTrl to offer its customers integrated Visa commercial card payments in addition to its cutting-edge fintech tools for automation.

PaperTrl is a fully integrated, cloud-based AP automation software platform designed to give mid-sized companies visibility and control over their entire AP process, including procurement, receiving, vendor bills, employee expenses, and payments. Partnering with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, ensures PaperTrl customers have even more payment choices by enabling digital payment options – including credit cards, virtual cards, and mobile payments – easily and securely.

“With the solutions made available to us through Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program, we can prioritize the needs of our customers, offering multiple payment solutions to satisfy every need and executing them without delay,” explained Steve Weber, CEO of PaperTrl.

Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program provides startups like PaperTrl the ability to access Visa’s growing partner network, and experts who can provide hands-on guidance to help PaperTrl get up and running quickly. Learn more about Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program at

“We’re excited to work with partners like PaperTrl in creating seamless payment solutions,” said Veronica Fernandez, North America Head of Visa Business Solutions. “By joining Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program, exciting Fintechs like PaperTrl gain access to Visa experts, technology, and resources to efficiently scale and bring innovative solutions to market.”

PaperTrl has already launched its virtual card payments capabilities and is eager to launch a ground-breaking mobile payments solution that will change the way ad-hoc purchases are made and reconciled later this year.

To learn more about PaperTrl’s payments solution, visit

About PaperTrl

PaperTrl is a fully integrated, cloud-based AP automation software solution that helps organizations simplify and streamline the entire AP process, from purchasing to payments. Through a user-friendly, cloud-based application, PaperTrl empowers purchasing and AP professionals to more efficiently and effectively issue purchase orders, track PO receipts, process bills, and make payments from anywhere. PaperTrl automates time-consuming tasks like approvals, PO/bill matching, reconciliation, and integration into your accounting system, so you have more time to focus on the bigger picture.