Simplify your AP with PaperTrl and QuickBooks

Processing invoices can be a chore. It’s a highly manual process because invoices are typically received via email or on paper and then need to be key entered. And it’s not just an onerous task, it often leads to costly mistakes. The more times data is handled the greater the risk of error.

If you are already using QuickBooks, you know it’s dependent upon accurate invoice data being entered. Add to this the confounding factor that invoice approvals are often verbal, on paper, or sent via email with no visibility or tracking of payment progress, meaning there is no easy way to know if the bill amount matches the purchase order or if the right quantity was received.

The result? Pains abound.

Here’s where PaperTrl provides much-needed relief.

With PaperTrl, invoices are submitted via vendor portal or integrated email, so PaperTrl’s AI reads in the data automatically. That means no handling. No errors. No pain.

And when you use PaperTrl, approvals are initiated, captured, and managed electronically. So all of the data needed to approve the invoice is already in the app—along with its corresponding PO and materials receipt so that a 2- or 3-way match can be easily performed.

PaperTrl addresses the most common AP challenges:

  • Eliminating manual data handling
  • Simplifying and automating processes
  • Minimizing security risks
  • Providing visibility into processes and approvals
  • Maximizing control of cash flow
  • Reducing expenses
  • Increasing efficiencies and effectiveness

Visibility into processes and control of cash flow

AP professionals need better visibility and policy around purchasing. Procurement systems can be difficult and expensive to implement, and purchases are cumbersome to manage in Excel. Therefore, a clear, definitive course of action is required to ensure that AP tasks are managed efficiently and effectively.

PaperTrl has the answer. With PaperTrl’s integrated procurement module you can approve purchase requests automatically and send those approvals directly to the vendor through the app or via email.

When it comes to cash flow, we acknowledge that when using traditional means, vendor payments can take hours, if not days, to process when making payments via multiple payment methods—for example, using one process for credit card payments, another for ACH, and yet another for check runs.

That’s a CFO’s or controller’s nightmare: Limited visibility or control as to when funds are released.

But with PaperTrl, all payments, for all vendors, across all payment types can be executed from a single screen. And PaperTrl takes care of the processing for each payment via its respective path.

That gives CFOs and controllers visibility into outstanding bills, allowing them to select which ones they want to pay while maximizing discounts and staying within budgets. Plus, with PaperTrl, they can also choose how and when they want to make payments. And all reconciliation data is automatically fed into QuickBooks directly from PaperTrl. 

Now, let’s talk about risk

We know that checks are sometimes duplicated, ACH data is stolen, and email phishing is rampant—as well as being the entry point for more menacing cyberthreats that can have a deleterious effect on your entire organization.

PaperTrl locks that door.

Our secure, “un-phishable” vendor portal virtually eliminates the risk of cyberattacks that have become so prevalent in email-based systems. With PaperTrl, no financial data is stored or visible in QuickBooks or PaperTrl systems. All financial information is encrypted and can only be securely accessed at the time of payment. That includes bank and credit card account numbers.

And our AI technology eliminates the need to re-key data into your accounting system. PaperTrl reads vendor invoices, automatically codes line items, and synchronizes that data with QuickBooks Online—while establishing a full audit trail for better financial reporting.

PaperTrl and QuickBooks are better together

Once PaperTrl seamlessly and automatically captures and categorizes invoices, receipts, and payments, it automatically updates QuickBooks Online—saving you the time, effort, and error risk of manual data handling.

If you are currently a QuickBooks Desktop user, as QuickBooks Desktop sunsets the transition to QuickBooks Online can feel daunting. One of your greatest challenges could be migrating vast amounts of financial data to the new platform.

PaperTrl is here to speed and simplify that process.

It’s the easiest way to do the job.

PaperTrl uncomplicates approvals, giving you the ability to set up business rules, route invoices, perform account reconciliation, and streamline reporting—automatically integrating directly into the QuickBooks Online system.

And we provide the add-ons you need to receive and make payments, pay employee expenses, and recognize corporate credit card receipts all from a single screen.

PaperTrl is also cheaper and safer.

By bundling PaperTrl and QuickBooks Online you’ll pay no fees to extend accounting functions to your people who need access—because we eliminate per-user pricing.

As a cloud-based AP Management Solution, PaperTrl provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you efficiently process and manage procurement, receiving, vendor invoices, and payments in the cloud.