Automate Your Invoice Processing

With a setup that takes hours (not weeks) to complete, you can get started today.

Take paper and data entry out of your AP process with VendorTrl. An online portal is the primary access point for vendors to submit invoices for approval. With customizable workflows, you determine who the invoice is routed to for approval before pushing it to your accounting system for payment. Meanwhile, vendors can track the status of their invoices through the portal in real-time while you enjoy insights into discounts and payment history to better manage cash flow.

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VendorTrl AP Automation Process

From start to finish, the VendorTrl automates the AP process, helping businesses simplify and streamline review and approvals, reduce processing time and associated costs, and minimize the potential for human error.

Process up to 150 invoices monthly for free!


“Throughout a period of substantial expansion, a massive growth in vendors and invoices overwhelmed our organization and created significant manual work for our AP department. VendorTrl automated our entire AP process, from invoice submission to approvals to payment, for about 1,200 invoices per month from 650 vendors. The efficiencies saved us the equivalent of one FTE across various levels of staff, saving Tidewater over $100k annually.”

Jim Abbott, Vice President, Tidewater, Inc.

“As a smaller company where most of our staff wears multiple hats and works with a lot of outside vendors, PaperTrl has allowed us to be responsive without having to hire additional staff. It’s also given us better visibility into our AP so we can better manage cash flow. With PaperTrl we are equipped to operate like a much larger firm.”

Nadika Aluiware, President, Sustainable Design Consortium (SDC) Inc