PaperTrl for Construction

Construction companies face unique accounting challenges not commonly found in other industries – from job costing to subcontractor management to contract retainage, and many others. PaperTrl provides the AP tools to help you take on many of those tasks and more with automated processes and supporting data that feeds directly into your accounting system.

Gain Insight into your Projects

PaperTrl gives you the tools to manage projects smarter.

  • Track costs at a project, task and subtask level
  • Ensure bills don’t exceed contract ceilings
  • Compare estimated vs actual cost
  • Calculate project profitability
  • Provide vendors with a portal to submit bills and track payment status

How It Works

Take the Pressure off your AP Team with PaperTrl

Get rid of the paper, manual processes, and manilla folders. Put your trust in PaperTrl to take great care of you and your data. Our first-class support is always available to help you optimize your operations, while our platform secures your data for reference or audit.

Sign up today to start processing bills in days, not weeks!


“As a smaller company where most of our staff wears multiple hats and works with a lot of outside vendors, PaperTrl has allowed us to be responsive without having to hire additional staff. It’s also given us better visibility into our AP so we can better manage cash flow. With PaperTrl we are equipped to operate like a much larger firm.”

Nadika Aluwihare, President, Sustainable Design Consortium (SDC) Inc